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Autism Strategic Prayer Network

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Because we believe so strongly in the power of prayer, we at Children of Destiny are now working to compile a list of people who feel called to pray for what is going on in the autism world. This network of people, who will be known as the Autism Strategic Prayer Network (ASPN), would be receiving periodic, as well as emergency, emails asking for prayer for important issues, events, and occurrences related to autism.

Our goal in forming the ASPN is to identify and network intercessors who feel particularly called to pray at this level, and to make a significant impact in the world of autism through the power of prayer. The three main prayer objectives we focus on are:

1. That any and all causes of autism be exposed and recognized by those in authority so that the epidemic of autism is stopped;

2. That God would give strategy for how to best help those with autism medically, educationally, and spiritually;

3. Those who are affected by autism would have all the necessary medical, educational, and spiritual resources available to them.

If you would like to become an ASPN Intercessor, or if you are interested in further information, please email us at ASPN@childrenofdestiny.org

To read our special ASPN article, The Cry for Justice, please click here.

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